R.I.P. Steve Lee

Frontman Steve Lee of Swiss Rock band Gotthard has been killed in a motorcycle accident in the USA yesterday. He was only 47 years old.

I don’t know how many of you outside Switzerland know Gotthard, one of our most successful Hard-Rock-Bands. I have to admit that I haven’t been following them closer over the last few years (their style just didn’t appeal to me anymore), but I have some very fond memories of their earlier works. It was also the first concert I went to see together with my God-son a couple of years ago, and despite some reservations, I really enjoyed the gig (and my God-son was really blown away!). I’ll remember Steve Lee as an excellent entertainer, a damn fine singer and a humble person (I really can’t think of any negative press throughout his whole career). My deepest thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Here’s one song that always keeps stopping me in my tracks whenever I hear it. R.I.P. Steve.


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