Sorry, Mumford And Sons…

…but it looks like you’re doomed! They came in number 3 in my album-charts last year, and if their fate is the same as the other acts in the top 3, we will soon learn that the band will split. Number 2, Dutch band Johan, just called it quits after I’ve crowned them with MOTM-glory (though I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with me!), and now Number 1, the Leeds lads from Vib Gyor, also threw in the towel. I’m really thinking about skipping the charts this year, as I don’t want to send more great bands into nirvana. Then again… I could do a list with bands that I really don’t want to see and hear anymore. Worth a try? 🙂

Well, as far as I know, Mumford And Sons are currently still touring together, and the success of their debut should give them enough power for a follow-up. As for Johan, there’s no information about the band-member’s whereabouts to be found, but at least two members of Vib Gyor have already been working on new material and will continue their passion under the name of Fossil Collective. A first EP has already been released on iTunes, and On & On really does sound promising. Definitely a new band to watch!

Vib Gyor – Momentum (MP3)

Off for the holiday now, will return by the end of September.


4 responses to “Sorry, Mumford And Sons…

  1. Hi, Chris, long time no speak! Make no mistake – I didn’t turn back on you, guess I visit your blog more often than you upload the songs 🙂 I like your idea of the list of the bands you don’t want to hear again. But if you want to avoid stating the obvious, you can always send Marina & the Diamonds to your top. We can do without the Diamonds, Marina would suffice 😉 Greetings from Poland!

    • Hey Kordian! Nice to hear that you still visit here! 🙂
      And I really don’t mind the Diamonds, as long as Marina is the star in the videos! 😉 There are many, many other bands that I’d rather like to disappear first! 😀

      • I’m also glad that you still remember me. Almost precisely at the moment when your activity slowed down I got stuck with rocking out to Living in the Box, Holly Johnson and Then Jerico but I will check out at least some of your latest recommendations sooner or later. Thankfully, there is a radio station in Poland called Roxy FM with the playlist in the same vein…

        Not only me, but also my ciompatriots from Believe are back this month! New album “World Is Round” is out October 25th. Meanwhile I will comment on the other things 😉

  2. I starting to like these guys…i find their music to the kind that i like…real and soulful…

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