Bits And Pieces

Another 10 days since the last post, and another little boost for the blog… and with another holiday coming up this Friday, things won’t change for the next two weeks (but at least I have a different excuse now! 🙂 ). So here goes:

Happy Birthday, CIC!

Here’s a pretty special song by singer/songwriter Fielded: Another Day (MP3)

Don’t really know if I should like or loathe new hype-combo Hurts. Some of the songs on the album are just really cheesy (Stay, Blood, Tears & Gold) while others are damn good (Better Than Love, Wonderful Life). Think I’ll just enjoy the better ones and skip the cheese.

Are You In The Mood For Love? is the title of Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt‘s latest album, released just a couple of days ago. Sounds like a perfect soundtrack for those gloomy and foggy autumn days.

Jacob Faurholt – A Fish In A Bowl (MP3)

Jacob Faurholt – You Sing No Louder Than A Little Bird (MP3)


2 responses to “Bits And Pieces

  1. Hmmm, Hurts – one of those rare beasts I like people to say good things about but I really don’t have much good to say myself (I guess that’s what they call guilty pleasure ;). I was stunned by “Better Than Love”. I take those lyrics very personally, this song really resonates with you when you are preparing to defend your B.A. thesis:) and the dance beat also doesn’t, um, hurt. But the rest sounds stale and makes an impression of OneRepublic backed by the tailor on drugs:) Nonetheless, roughly half of my Facebook friends went batsh*t-crazy about “Wonderful Life” – because that’s virtually only decent track that can be heard on the most popular Polish radio stations 😦

    • I guess if I wasn’t an 80s kid, I probably wouldn’t like Hurts. But then there’s this soft spot for that kind of music in me, so I just can’t hate them really! 😉

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