Oh No!

No, this is not an early comment on the Swiss football team’s match of tonight (I’m still thinking positive that they can make it!), but rather another post about one of MOTM’s 2010 darlings. Yes, that quirky songbird Marina Diamandis is at it again as her next single Oh No! is about to be released soon. And today, I can already offer you two remixes of said song. I especially like the Active Child Remix, its sort of spaced-out vibe is quite special. And since I grew up in the 80s, I’m really happy to see that there are still artists out there that care about proper remixes, and not only boring  extensions of the single versions. So enjoy these newbies here, and keep your fingers crossed for our team tonight!


Marina & The Diamonds – Oh No! (Active Child Remix) (MP3)

Marina & The Diamonds – Oh No! (David’s Lyre Remix) (MP3)

here’s a making-of for the new video:

Thanks to Holly for this!

btw.: please let me know if these OpenDrive-links work; haven’t used that before.

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