Some Mailbox Stuff

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter JM Airis has sent me a quite cool song called Numbers Man. Recorded on an analog tape machine in an old textile factory, it perfectly transports that raw feeling you could expect from these surroundings. Definitely worth listening to!

JM Airis – Numbers Man (MP3)

Indie-Label Friendly Fire has put together a free sampler of their current artists.  A total of 15 songs await you, including two from the fabulous Faunts, and 3 from Danish combo Oh No Ono. Download the sampler here (ZIP-File).

Oh No Ono – Helplessly Young (MP3)

Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of (Mexicans With Guns Remix) (MP3)

Should have written about Danish artist Jacob Faurholt a long time ago… he has been sending me some good stuff recently, and now it’s time he gets his deserved space here! Not only is Jacob a talented solo artist, he also has a bunch of band-projects going. His latest release is Saint Wilbur, a collection of 5 songs that were originally recorded in 2005 for the album Queen Of Hope, but never made it onto that. Download it for free on Bandcamp (only in JUNE!), and check out the many more projects of Mr Faurholt.

Jacob Faurholt – We Like Snow (MP3)

The NiNjA StARS – Spirograph Heroes (MP3)

The NiNjA StARS – The Spirograph Heroes EP

Why Write – 5 Song EP

Last but not least here’s a video to one of the coolest songs in 2010:


3 responses to “Some Mailbox Stuff

  1. Ginger Ninja live in Helsingoer on October 1 😉

  2. any news on volcano activities around that time? 😉

  3. no news whatsoever – neither good nor bad 🙂

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