Back From Kashmir

…no, I wasn’t on holiday (although the lack of recent posts might suggest that). The Danes from Kashmir are on tour right now, and visited Switzerland last Saturday, and even better at a convenient location just 20 minutes away from my home. I’m glad they chose that location, because otherwise I could very well have been too lazy to travel further. And I would have missed one of the best concerts this year!

But I didn’t, and the musical firework that Kashmir burned down was just amazing. The location was packed (good for them… apparently, it was sold out), the audience was in a pretty good mood, and the band seemed to enjoy themselves on the stage as well. They came across very likeable, and especially singer Kasper Eistrup gave a very entertaining performance. The setlist contained many songs from the latest album Trespassers (including the great opener Mouthful Of Wasps and my personal favourite, Mantaray) as well as some old favourites like Kalifornia, In The Sand, The Curse Of Being A Girl and of course the mindblowing Rocket Brothers. The sound mixing was crystal-clear btw., something I didn’t really expect at this location. So big kudos to whoever was responsible for that. Oh, almost forgot: the setlist also included a Happy Birthday for the drummer, sung by the audience! 🙂

So after about 90 minutes, Kashmir ended the gig and were escorted off the stage under frenetic applause, and I guess everyone in the audience was more than pleased. For me, it was probably the best concert I have seen recently; everything just fitted perfectly, and the fact that the location is smoke-free since May 1st also helped… these smaller venues are just much more pleasant without the constant smoke and smell!

Kashmir is still touring across Europe and also the U.S. (check the homepage for details). You can guess that I highly recommend a visit to one of their gigs. Find some shabby mobilephone-pics below, and the video for Still Boy, which also was one of the highlights last Saturday.


2 responses to “Back From Kashmir

  1. “…Kashmir is still touring across Europe..”. Yeah. On Sunday in Hamburg. And who is there? Peter 🙂

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