Reloaded, Redeemed, Returned

So I finally reloaded all my old posts from the Blogger-account (here‘s the whole story if you’ve not yet heard about it) to WordPress. All the links are still there, but I guess quite a few won’t work anymore. And I will also start to remove all “dubious” links over the next few weeks (probably months), to prevent any legal actions. I have to admit that I really got comfortable with WordPress, and hearing about Blogger still deleting blogs out of the blue only confirms my decision to switch.

Viola have redeemed themselves after the rather terrible freebie Chaos Shall Reign! from last month (click here if you’re brave enough!). Leave It All Again, this month’s freebie, combines Kate Bush, Faith No More‘s Evidence, Phil Collins, Jan Hammer, 2. Maanantai and contemporary R n’ B, so they say. It’s definitely much much better than last month’s chaos!

Viola – Leave It All Again (MP3)

Last but not least Swedish indie-pop-combo The Concretes have returned with a new song called Good Evening. Apparently, a new album is in the making, and if Good Evening is anything to go by, it could be a great one. Download the 6:27-monster from Bandcamp.


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