Between Places

Normally, I’m not a big fan of Best-Of-Compilations, especially when there’s nothing new on it, or just one or two – often less than average – new songs. But now and then, there are some exceptions, and The Places Between, the first Greatest Hits album by UK’s Doves, is just one of those rare cases. That is, if you’re willing to go for the Extended Edition that includes 2 CDs with a total of 34 songs (15 regular singles, 3 new songs and a whole bunch of rarities, bonus and alternative versions), and a DVD with 13 videos. Listening to this compilation made me realize again how many great songs the Doves have produced during the past years, and none of them has lost its magical appeal yet. And the new songs fit perfectly into the catalogue, especially the thriving Blue Water and Andalucia, which was also released as a new single.

So are Best-Of’s essential? In most cases I’d say no, but if you’re a dedicated follower of the Doves, or just learned about them now, you really can’t do anything wrong with The Places Between. It definitely is a great addition to a music lover’s collection and shows the talent of one of UK’s most underrated bands!


Words: (MOTM’s favourite!)


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