There And Back Again…

so yes, I did make it back from Copenhagen Popfest. But what a weekend that was! Switching to the train instead of the plane for getting to Copenhagen was the easiest thing, as we soon learned. Although the train itself was pack-jammed from Hamburg to Copenhagen (we spent the 6 hours either sitting in the children’s compartment or on the floor…), we arrived with only one hour delay. But then the whole volcano misery started to unfold, and it became pretty clear that we wouldn’t fly back home on Sunday. There was no chance on getting a train ticket at Copenhagen train station which was flooded with stranded people. So it was only Sunday morning when we coincidentally heard of a minibus driving down to Frankfurt at midday, and we quickly grabbed the last two available seats. After a 12-hour-ride, we arrived in Frankfurt after midnight where we spent another night. Thankfully, the situation at Frankfurt’s train station had already calmed down, so we easily booked two tickets back to Switzerland, and at around 5pm on Monday, the adventure ride that was Copenhagen Popfest 2010 came to an end… talk about “the journey is the reward”!!!

Of course the whole situation afflicted our Popfest experience, as that thought about the journey home was always lurking somewhere in the back of our minds. And if that wasn’t enough, I also got a sore throat starting Friday which even got worse the following days (and actually has turned into a cold now). And all that was leading to the worst thing: I missed the gig from Northern Portrait, the one I was mostly looking forward to! But late that Saturday night, I just wasn’t able to pull through anymore, as my throat took a turn for the worse and started to hurt. It was probably the hardest decision of the weekend, and reading Morten‘s blog-entry doesn’t give me any comfort either. I was able to speak a few words with Stefan from NP, and I was really looking forward to see how this humble and down-to-earth guy would turn into a pop-star on stage. I just hope that I’ll get another chance of seeing him and his band live one day…

Due to our early departure, we also missed Sunday’s line-up, but what we saw on Friday and Saturday was more than adequate compensation for our troubles. No More Heroes and The Electric Pop Group both gave brilliant performances, Stars In Coma were more than just a stopgap, Death Valley Sleepers wowed the crowd, and Ampel gave a solid performance. The festival was perfectly organized, with practically no dead times between the gigs, an interesting line-up and no signs of resignation even if a handful of bands and expected audience didn’t show up due to the flight cancellations. So a very big thumbs-up to all the people behind Copenhagen Popfest 2010, first edition!

Of course I have to thank Morten for organizing the whole thing for us, and for keeping up with us two sick Swiss guys. I wish I could have been more participant in the events, but you know how it was. But I’m confident that there will be other occasions where we really can enjoy some time together with the whole gang!

And that sums up what must have been one of the strangest and weirdest weekends in my life… and definitely one I won’t forget! Here are some pics from the VolcanoFest 2010:



One response to “There And Back Again…

  1. As always it was fantastic meeting you, but bad luck won this time! But as you commented…bring on Copenhagen Popfest 2011! Then the volcano has hopefully quieted down and no flu/cold/sore throat dare show their ugly faces 🙂 Really looking forward to (hopefully) meeting you soon again!

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