Of Volcanoes, Planes And Pop Festivals…

What a day! The plan was to board a plane tomorrow morning, a nice and easy 1 1/2 hour flight to Copenhagen, but then… Iceland’s nature decided to mess up air traffic in Northern Europe for a bit! So after some hours of phone calls, rearrangements and quick decisions, I will now board a train in about 3 hours and will then spend the next 17 hours travelling through Germany to reach Copenhagen tomorrow afternoon. The flight back to Switzerland on Sunday evening is still on time, but who knows… maybe I will spend Sunday night and most of Monday in a train as well. And what for, you might ask? Well, first of all I was looking forward to meet blog-buddy Morten for a long time now, and then there’s this Popfest, which was the whole idea behind the trip in the first place.

I’m still looking forward to this weekend with friends, good music and hopefully a few beers as well, although I might be a little bit on the weary side tomorrow. But then, we all know the old saying: the journey is the reward!

Stay tuned for my coverage next week… if I get back home, that is!!! 🙂


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