Back To The Surface…

Just a quick one to let you know I’m back from yet another wonderful holiday break. Once again, I encountered many fascinating creatures, and once I’ve sorted all the pics, I will post some of the best ones here.

Musically, it was rather bleak… I didn’t listen to as much as I intended to. It’s quite nice to enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time, just relaxing and listening to the sound of music. Most of the songs I’ve heard were only playing in my mind, and this here was one that constantly kept coming around:

Damn catchy, isn’t it? I’ve completely fallen in love with Marina‘s debut album, The Family Jewels. The clever songwriting, the charming 80s-pop-references and Marina‘s irresistible voice make this one an early top-favourite for the inevitable year-end-best-of-list. Here’s another fine example of this Welsh lady’s pure talent:

If I’ve wetted your appetite now, I highly recommend that you check out the full album; you won’t regret. There’s also a ton of remixes (as always, some good, some bad) out there, a lot of them on this blog here. It’s safe to say that we will hear a lot more from Marina and her Diamonds in the future!

Marina & The Diamonds – Hollywood (Gonzales Version) (MP3)

2 responses to “Back To The Surface…

  1. Guess what? She’s not a robot.

    (But on the other occasion she says: “I walk and talk like a machine” Well maybe this “like a” does a trick).

    Yes, I was singing all March long: “Hollywood infected my brain, I want kissing in the r-a-a-a-in!” But tell me, Chris, what does it mean “to dive on vine”? I would like to know what Polish girl Ania says 🙂

    • I can only guess that it means she’s looking for relief or answers in alcohol, or just drowns her troubles in drinking. Guess many “young and aspiring wanna-be-actors” will end up that way…

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