Just Came By To Say Goodbye…

… as my annual 3-week-diving-holiday is coming up. As of tomorrow, I’ll leave the blogosphere and full mailboxes behind in exchange for some long-awaited warmth, sunshine and of course – hopefully – a whole bunch of fascinating underwater-critters. I’ll return with the Easter Bunny, and I do hope some of you will still be here, even if it has been awfully quiet around the blog lately. Who knows, maybe I’ll also return with fully loaded batteries and a lot of fresh enthusiasm to keep this baby going… keep your fingers crossed!!!

Stay tuned, and enjoy music!

The Exploding Boy – 40 Days (MP3)

Stargraph – Dream (MP3)

The Voyage – Landscape (MP3)

The Arrogants – The Distance Between Us (MP3)


3 responses to “Just Came By To Say Goodbye…

  1. Yoiks! You own the Tinyfish album! Thank you. Have you heard our live album “One Night on Fire Yet”? And we have a new album coming out in the next couple of months: The Big Red Spark.

  2. Came by automated link – looks good!

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