Oh My…

…just remembered that I still have this little blog here to maintain. Even if it was about to flatline over the last few weeks, there’s still a very weak heartbeat in it. I give my best to bring it back to life, and I’ll start with that long-overdue mailbox-cleaning. I’ll keep it short, as I’m literally flooded by promo-mails, but I’ll try and bring you one of them each day for the coming weeks. Hope there’s some good in it!

Discopusher is a remixer/producer/recording duo from New York, and they’ve sent me a big bunch of their remixes. While there’s some stuff I really don’t like (Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake anyone…?), they have also done some cool things with more indie-based artists like Lykke Li or Au Revoir Simone. Here are two even more prominent examples:

Editors – Camera (Discopusher Remix) (MP3)

Delays – You And Me Discopusher Remix) (MP3)


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