Catching Up…

I’ve so much stuff in my mailbox these days, and I hope to clean out a lot of it tonight. We’ll see if there’s anything worth sharing with you…

Here are three tracks I can share without hesitating:

Midlake – Acts Of Man (MP3, via Insound)
taken from their new album The Courage Of Others. Still need a bit of time to get in, but first impression is pretty good!

Peter Gabriel – Flume (Bon Iver Cover, needs proper e-mail)
first tune from his upcoming cover-album Scratch My Back. Look forward to hear his versions of Elbow, Arcade Fire and Radiohead songs! Scratch My Back is out on Feb. 15th.

Digits – January Mix (MP3)
Canadian electronic-artist Digits has released his first DJ mix, including tracks from Röyskopp, Au Revoir Simone, Marina & The Diamonds, and many more. Read the full release text and the complete tracklist here.


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