Good Things Come…

…to those who wait! The following artist has been on my “to-review”-list for quite a few months now (since October ’09, to be precise!). So it’s definitely time to give this man his well-deserved promotion. Here’s Digits!

Alt Altman is the man behind Digits. From 2005 to 2009, he was a member of Europe in Colour, an indie electronic pop group from Toronto. They released one self-titled EP in 2007, and a split-single, The Cold Reaction/Satellite, in 2009 as their last work. Alt Altman went on to create Digits, and with a bit of help from two members of his former band, he released his first album Hold It Close late last year.

When listening to Hold It Close, I was constantly reminded of another band, but couldn’t get my head around which one. And finally, last weekend, the fog lifted, and into view came: Röyksopp! Although I don’t know that many songs by the Norwegian duo, I do think there are quite a few similarities between the two bands. Digits tuned down the pop-element from Europe In Colour, concentrating more on the electronica part, and together with his soothing voice, he comes pretty close to his Norwegian colleagues. All in all, Hold It Close is a fine debut album, perfect for chilling out.

More information on Digits and the album are hidden behind these following links; and now enjoy the tracks that Alt generously offered to post!

Digits – Sarah (MP3)

Digits – Nonstop (MP3)

Europe In Colour – The Cold Reaction (MP3)

Europe In Colour – Satellite (MP3)

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