MOTM’s Best Album Of 2009 – The Winner!

Vib Gyor – We Are Not An Island

It’s a good sign when an album stays in my news-folder for over half a year; this means that I’ve listened to it repeatedly over this time without getting tired or bored. The debut-album by Leeds-based band Vib Gyor was released in May 2009 and is still lingering in the folder, mainly because it still manages to amaze me! We Are Not An Island has everything from thriving rock-stompers to heartbreaking ballads, but it really is singer Dave Fendick‘s voice that gives all of the songs a special melancholic undertone. Most of my friends to whom I played the album were reminded of U2 or Radiohead, but I think that Vib Gyor is unique enough so that they don’t need to stand in the shadows of these big names.

“Album Of The Year? Could well be…” I wrote back in May last year, and so my prediction was right! Now if only the rest of the music world would take notice of Vib Gyor before they are doomed to the same fate as Johan! So please go on, listen to the music, buy it, spread it, let everyone know that there’s a very talented bunch of people out there waiting to be discovered!

Church Bell:

and here are two non-album-tracks:

Vib Gyor – Momentum (MP3)

Vib Gyor – Time (MP3)


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