MOTM’s Best Albums Of 2009… 2nd Place

Johan – 4

I still can’t figure out why hardly anyone knows this Dutch band. Four albums worth of perfect and catchy indie-pop-tunes, and no one cares? It is a sad world we’re living in, and it just got even sadder: I’ve just learned that Johan has called it quits and won’t be releasing any more albums. It really is a shame that such talented artists remain unnoticed while any jerk willing enough to prostitute him/herself can rule the music-world… thanks for nothing, casting-shows! At least, Johan left us a great legacy, and if you’re interested in adding some really timeless music to your collection, I recommend you visit Johan‘s official homepage where you can order their last three albums including a DVD as a wonderful limited edition.

4 contains some of Johan’s best songs, and Something About You must be my favourite song of 2009. Pop-perfection!!! Here’s another wonderful tune from the album:

Farewell, Johan, and THX for some beautiful moments in music!

MOTM’s Best Album Of 2009 will be announced tomorrow, so please check back!


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