Counting Down To Christmas…

It’s already cold and a little bit white outside, and more and more decorative Christmas lights are popping up everywhere. Tonight, the DJ team of Radio-Schweden (and that includes me!) will help you to get into that Christmas spirit by serving a trip through the best of Christmas music; we have everything from the 40s to today, and I can already say that it will be a great mix! The show starts at 9 o’clock CET, and my hour of choice will start at ten. So if you still have some gift-wrapping or cookie-baking to do, we will offer you the perfect soundtrack for that. And of course it’s also perfect for annoying your co-workers if – due to different time-zones – you’re still at work! Click to listen!

Show postponed!!! Our Christmas special will run tomorrow evening, starting at 9pm CET!!! Sorry ’bout that!

Also, I’d like you to point to a new-artists-Christmas-compilation that Tonspion has collected: here‘s the link to the complete playlist, and two of my choices:

Timid Tiger – Ring The Bells (MP3)

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal (MP3)

Mogwai – Christmas Song (MP3)


3 responses to “Counting Down To Christmas…

  1. Dear Chris, the best wishes and merry Christmas. Far away “ein glückliches Händchen” while blogging. Schöni Wienacht oder E guëti Wiënachtä!

  2. Hey Chris!
    Chumm guet übere is 2010!
    Es neus Johrzent mit geiler Musik offi doch!
    Und wiiter mit dim super Blog!

  3. Thanks Hombre… hoffe, bi Dir goht’s au glii wieder mol wiiter! 😉

    Guete Rutsch!

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