Candy Claws Tour Switzerland

I’ve never heard any other band going on a virtual tour before, so I’m very proud to be a part of this. Colorado-based Candy Claws have been “on the road”… or should one say, “on the wire”?… for about two weeks now, and today, they stop in our little country. I think this is a very cool promotion idea, and who knows, maybe some will follow? Anyway, the Candy Claws perform an exclusive video today here in Switzerland. Here’s Flashy Storm, and make sure to read the band’s statement and more about the tour just after the video:

Flashy Storm – Candy Claws Online World Tour – Day 16 from Candy Claws on Vimeo.

Hi Switzerland! It’s a winter wonderland! This is Day 16 of our “Virtual World Tour” for “In the Dream of the Sea Life.” Here is a video for Flashy Storm, sixth song on the album. This is pieced together from old archive footage of the volcanoes in Hawaii. We follow the lava from the view of the brave crowd all the way to the sea and beneath the waves, where it becomes what is knows as “pillow lava,” a beautiful sight for everyone to see. Be careful! It’s pretty, but it’s also pretty dangerous. Let’s keep warm together at the lava.

You can stream the entire album, read reviews, and pick up a copy (digital or physical) at Indiecater.

Visit our blog to catch up on the tour and see a full list of dates and links.

Tomorrow we’re off to mp3hugger in Huggerland! Thanks for watching, see you soon!


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