Get Well Now!

Thanks to Mr. Schallgrenzen, I’ve found out that Get Well Soon (one of the best recent German acts!) has released a first single from the next album Vexations (read about it here). Cityslang is offering 5 Steps 7 Swords now, and it is what you expected: more of that innovative, interesting and wonderful sound that GWS presented us on their debut album. I predict that 2010 will start with a bang for us indie-music-lovers (Vexations is released on January 8th), and I’m definitely looking forward to this!

Get Well Soon – 5 Steps 7 Swords (MP3)

Don’t forget to listen to Radio-Schweden tonight! My first batch of the Best Songs Of 2009 will be on at 21pm CET, followed by two more hours with the selection of my two German co-DJs. The transmission will be repeated tomorrow at the same time, but with a different running order (my hour is starting at 22pm… look for the MiniMix: Best Of 2009 Vol. 1). Hope you can make it!


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