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Earlier this year, a band called Apparatjik recorded a song called Ferreting for a BBC2-documentary. What started as a one-time-stunt is now turning into a major project culminating in a full album-release. Of course all these facts are not very interesting, but once you know who’s behind Apparatjik, it might raise an eyebrow or two: it’s non other than Mew-frontman Jonas Bjierre, A-Ha-guitarist Magne Furuholmen and Coldplay-bassist Guy Berrymann! Following the BBC-recording (which has been up on YouTube since January… really, people… you have to tell me such things!!!), a new single called Electric Eye will be released on the official homepage on November 30th, and the album should be out next year.

Ferreting sounds pretty nice, and it really does have some bits and bobs from each of the three members’ main bands. At least it’s enough to get me interested in hearing more. You can check out the official homepage and the band’s MySpace (both with extremely strange design), and listen to Ferreting below. There are more songs already up on YouTube, and a snippet of Electric Eye has also been made available for download.  I’ll keep you updated on this project as soon as there’s more news!

Apparatjik – Electric Eye (Snippet) (via Mediafire)

Speaking of Mew: the rumours that they are about to release a live-album in December are apparently not true. Read the statement on the band’s homepage.


3 responses to “Mew’s News

  1. I like bands that give their best to confuse. Espacially when they sound good. That proves the musical ambition and sets mercantilism to come second.

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