Get A Guinness!!!

Looks yummy, doesn’t it? Well, I have to disappoint you though… if you came here for free beer, it’s definitely the wrong place. But you can get another tasty freebie here: following my posting from Wednesday, I can now offer you the latest song by Vancouver-based Alternrock-artist Id Guinness. Together with the permission I also got some news on the delayed album: Soul Envy is still in the mixing stage and will therefore be delayed for a few more weeks. But in the meantime, Id plans to release one or two more songs from the album; expect them to pop up here as well. Also, if you like to receive the tracks from Mr Guinness himself, feel free to shoot him a mail by clicking the pic above. Oh, and I forgot to mention that if you pre-order Soul Envy now, you’ll also get the ten-track-strong album Crush d for free… quite a good deal, don’t you think? Chech Id‘s homepage for the details.

Id Guinness – Life As We Know It (MP3)


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