News Folder Day

Today is News Folder Day which means I’ll be listening to all that stuff that has piled up and been labeled “News” over the last few weeks. As so often, I sometimes don’t even remember who recommended that stuff, or even where I got the songs from. So I just go along, tell you what I hear, and if something’s worth a closer look, I’ll see what information I can get. Let’s go:

Lastbandalive – The Mexico Of Europe

I know that this was a recommendation from Morten as I’ve ripped this song from MySpace for him. And it is a damn catchy tune that these 3 Danish lads have composed… hear it once, hear it for the rest of the day! No free downloads unfortunately, but I recommend that you visit their MySpace anyway for a listening session.

ID Guinness – Life As We Know It

Got this new song from the Canadian Alt-Rocker himself; it’s the first teaser from the new album Soul Envy which is available for pre-order via his MySpace (it should be out since August 09…). I’m still waiting for an approval to post the MP3, so in the meantime check his homepage and re-read my first article about ID Guinness here.

Totally unrelated to the News Folder, I have just found out the news about Get Well Soon‘s next album. It is called Vexations and will be released on January 8th next year. Can’t wait!!!

Get Well Soon – If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting (MP3)

Pernice Brothers – Chicken Wire

voted by as the saddest song ever. Well, it is kind of sad (especially the lyrics), but definitely not the saddest ever. I’d rather vote for this one:

Here’s a more uplifting one by the Pernice Brothers:

Pernice Brothers – Somerville (MP3)

A last one I have time for: Autokratz is a Manchester producer-duo, and their ElectRock-sound has quite something. Been listening a lot to the rather good Always More (hear it on Last.FM), and Can’t Get Enough is not so bad, either. Probably nothing to stick around for too long, but fun while it lasts!

Autokratz – Can’t Get Enough (MP3)

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