This ‘N That

I’m a bit stuck with the reloading process… hope I can pick up the pace again soon! Still soooo much work left… 😦

Well, here’s some music:

Bristol-based dark-electro-wavers Dragons have released two outtakes of their 2007 album Here Are The Roses. Download Heart Of Stone and Once In The Fever from their latest MySpace-Blog.

I’m really getting tired of crawling through terribly designed MySpace-pages with tons of videos, flash-games and other rubbish popping up all the time. This was once a great platform for music-lovers, but it turns more and more into a playground for inhibited designers. No wonder my friend-request list keeps growing and growing; I can’t check more than one or two requests before I get tired of finding what I’m really looking for… the music! This system is just too overloaded with unnecessary features… or am I just getting too old for this nonsense? What do you think? (about MySpace, not my age! 😉 ).

Sometimes it’s the look that does it: while surfing the net over the weekend, I came across this album cover:

and since the Northern Lights is something I really like to see one time  (and my is called Northern Lights!), I decided to check out the music behind this. Well, good thing I did, and good thing I picked Emily as the first song to listen to. Bad thing is that I can’t get it out of my head now! See and hear for yourselves:

One more good thing is that the rest of Absent Elk‘s debut album Caught In The Headlights is very listenable as well. The UK/Norwegian band have created some fine indie-pop-melodies somewhere between Pulp, Keane and maybe Arctic Monkeys. And they even made me listen to one of my most-hated songs of 2009… check this:

Good stuff indeed!

Edit: Schallgrenzen-Peter has about the same problems with MySpace as I do… in his post from today, he states that the best times of MySpace are over, and that there are apparently plans to make the user pay for listening (just listening, not downloading!) to music on artists sites… if they really think this will save MySpace, they’re dumber than I thought!!!


3 responses to “This ‘N That

  1. Oh Man, you have to listen to Birdpens “Slow”. Mindblowing!

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