Where To Start…?

Yes, it’s another of these weeks where nothing goes as planned. I’m not going to switch to bitching mode though, but instead give you a quick overlook on what has been going on here:

Degrees have a new song, and I’m proud to share it with you. And yes, it is great!

Degrees – Can’t Walk Through This Alone (MP3)


Been listening a lot to the new Kent album Röd, and even if they may have turned from indie-rock to indie-disco once again, I must admit that I really like the album. They definitely haven’t lost the ability to write catchy melodies and gripping hooks; and once again, blog-buddy Morten hits the nail on the head with his review.

Oh, and while you’re at Morten‘s anyway, check out the news on solo-turned-trio-turned-duo-project Champagne Riot.


I’ve written about EardrumsHandshake project on my old blog (fortunately, this one post has already been reloaded… check here), and from the looks of it, it seems to be shaping up nicely. The deadline for participation is now set to December 31st, so if you’re an artist, painter, poet, photographer or want to be part of this great project in any other way, I suggest that you hurry up and get in contact with Eardrums Music!


Carpark North has taken part in a remix project and offering the result as a free download. It’s a bombastic and orchestral version of The One. Which one? This one:

Carpark North – The One (MP3)


Still got some mailbox and MySpace-stuff left… hope to find some time to post a bit of it this week!

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