This ‘N That

Swedish indie-pop-act Sambassadeur will release their new album early next year, and as always, their great label Labrador offers the first single, Days, as a free download. Again, an uplifting and very entertaining song. Bring on the rest!

Sambassadeur – Days (MP3)

There’s also something more from The Raveonettes. Following their rather great new album In And Out Of Control is a left-over song called The Chosen One, and I can’t really see why they haven’t included it on the album. In my opinion, it would have fit perfectly. Anyway, it’s available for free, and so you can add it to the album-playlist yourself! 🙂

The Raveonettes – The Chosen One (MP3)


Hawksley Workman, Canadian singer/songwriter who some of you might remember from his 2003 hit We Will Still Need A Song, will release his 1999 debut-album in the US for the first time on November 17th. If you’re interested in For Him And The Girls, check the Shorefire link below for more information. Maniacs, the first song on the album, is a somewhat strange thing, and as a Swiss I can honestly say that it’s a good thing Hawksley didn’t pursue his yodeling career! 😀

Hawksley Workman – Maniacs (MP3)

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