Almost Done…

So, what do you think? I’m pretty much done with the new layout, and it doesn’t look too shabby in my eyes. There are still a few minor tweaks to be done, but all in all, I’m quite happy with it. I’ve also transported my CD-Collection– and Music-From-Denmark-Blogs from Blogger to WordPress; you can find the links on the right-hand side as well. It’s all coming together nicely over time, and I start to feel at home here. And when I’m finally done with moving all my stuff away from Blogger, I can close that chapter for good… but this will take some  more time!

On the musical side, I can inform you that Beat Radio, whose previous MOTM-post is still in the queue for backup, has released their second full album Safe Inside The Sound and offers it for free download. Fine indie-rock-sounds is what you get, and who doesn’t love free stuff anyway? Get the full album via their homepage:

Beat Radio – Follow You Around (MP3)

Beat Radio – Behind The Blue (MP3)


6 responses to “Almost Done…

  1. It looks very nice! I didn’t know that had restrictions on how you can change your layout. I use the self-hosted version, and I can change whatever I want, – it’s mostly my own skills that limits me ;-). Good to see that the blogger-thing didn’t stop the blog!

  2. well, as I found out, there are quite a few things one can change, especially in the sidebar. If you want to change more of a theme, you need to upgrade and pay a small fee. Self-hosting is the other option, but my lack of time and technology prevent me from that at the moment. 🙂

  3. Liking the new look dude

  4. Like the color combination and format!

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