Must Have Been Deaf And Blind…

Another hint that I should keep an eye on the Swiss music scene more often: my Peruvian music-friend Rodolfo just pointed out a Swiss act to me that I’ve never heard of before. Shame, really, as there’s quite some potential here. Must Have Been Tokyo is the band in question, and after listening to their two EPs, I quite wonder how they could get pass me. First EP Insects is a collection of very danceable indie-disco-tunes (think Franz Ferdinand and the likes), while their latest release, the Vice EP, leans more toward darker and shoegazier sounds.  The EP was mastered by Greg Calbi (Talking Heads, David Bowie, Interpol) in New York, and you surely can’t deny these influences. Nonetheless both EPs have their very own spirit, and are definitely worth listening to. And if the new demos on the band’s MySpace are anything to go by, we could well have an immediate winner at hand here. The band is currently giving some concerts in Germany, and I’ll definitely keep you updated on their future plans! Information on how to get the EPs on the following links:

Must Have Been Tokyo – Ahh (MP3, from the Insects EP)

Must Have Been Tokyo – Blood In The Water (MP3, from the Vice EP)


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