From Midlake To Fleet Foxes To ???

Since yesterday, the answer to that is clear to me: Mumford And Sons will be this year’s indie-folk-sensation! The London four-piece has released their debut album Sigh No More on October 6th, and quite frankly, it’s nothing but brilliant. The album contains 12 wonderfully crafted songs, many of them little epics in their own rights. Sigh No More was produced by Marcus Dravs, who is best known for recording Neon Bible with the Arcade Fire, and their style shines through more than once on the Sons’ debut (first single Little Lion Man is a perfect example, with it’s raging Banjos and catchy chorus). There are many other instant hits, like White Blank Page, Dustbowl Dance or The Cave… I could probably list each song on the album, but the best thing to do is to listen for yourself.

I haven’t found any free downloads, but you can visit the sites listed below for streaming, and Song, By Toad has uploaded two of the songs from Sigh No More. This is one album you definitely shouldn’t miss this year!


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