Been very busy the last few days with reloading posts from the old blog. I’m almost done with uploading the posts from 2008 (check the “Recently…”-department on the right), but I still have to go through a big bunch of them and check / renew / delete the links. I don’t want to risk another blog-disappearance due to a “dubious” link (if that was the case with Blogger anyway… as expected I haven’t heard anything back!). I’m uploading my posts from a program called BloggerBackup to an old Blogger-account, and import them to WordPress afterwards. Downside is that Blogger only allows 50 posts per day to upload, so I have to do this ceremony every day until all of my over 850 old posts are back again… you can imagine that this is some workload! If anyone knows a better solution, please let me know! (I have all the old posts in .xml-format, if that helps!).

Well, this will of course have a major impact on new posts… but I’ll do my best and try to keep up with the music. I just have to take it step by step and see where I’ll go. Hope you all have some patience left! 🙂


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