It’s Never Too Late…

Peter was a bit quicker than me on this one; nonetheless this band is worth to be mentioned as often as possible. Polish outfit Hatifnats really does a lot of things right on their new album Before It’s Too Late. It’s a dark, melancholic and very atmospheric path you will walk on when listening to Hatifnats‘ songs. Peter is right when he refers to Mew; there are some moments on Before It’s Too Late that reminded me of the Danes as well. I also found some resemblance to their Polish countrymen Myslovitz (especially on Horses From Shellville). All in all a surprisingly good and mature debut album, and there’s a good chance that you will read more about this band here on this blog in the future!

Hatifnats – Horses From Shellville (MP3)

Hatifnats – Walking In The Dark (MP3)

Hatifnats – World2 (MP3)

Hatifnats – Mathematix (MP3)

Thanks to The Aardvark for this!


2 responses to “It’s Never Too Late…

  1. Music – Amazing.

    Singing – Dreadful.

    They really need to reconsider their front man, the singing makes these songs unlistenable and that’s a shame because the band is tight.

    • I do have to agree with you in parts, Rich. The voice is definitely not everybody’s taste, but it works on some songs. But it gets a bit annoying after a while, true.

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