The Spiel Is On Again!

A couple of news from AirSpiel: there have been quite a few changes in the band’s life. First of all, AirSpiel is now a three-piece; they have no drummer anymore and are using samples, backing tracks and dance beats instead. This also goes in hand with their new musical orientation from indie-rock to indie-disco. The first examples of the new style are now streaming on MySpace.

Further on, singer David Merry has moved from Glasgow to London to be closer to UKs music-scene and also to promote and arrange gigs for AirSpiel. The first ones are already through, and they also did a radio-session with Steve Lamacq on BBC 2. Looks like this train is slowly taking up speed!

The homepage has also been updated, and you can now subscribe to a mailing list. Not only will you be updated with news and stuff then, but you’ll also get the new (and quite brilliant!) song Don’t Hold Back for free when you subscribe. From my experience with the band so far, I’ll say you definitely won’t get flooded with useless information three times a day, but receive real news from real nice chaps. So don’t hesitate and let them know that you’re a fan!

Last but not least, AirSpiel is planning a single release early next year. No plans for a new album so far, but I guess (and hope!) that it will be only a matter of time before we can enjoy new material.

So that’s about it. I will of course keep you updated here on any other news, even if you all subscribe to the mailing list! 🙂

AirSpiel – Broken Record Day (MP3, via Last.FM)


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