Here I Am…

…back again from another great dive-holiday. We’ve picked Saudi-Arabia as the destination this time, and whilst it may not seem your usual holiday-spot at first, we were really impressed. The diving is simply fantastic, mostly due to the lack of tourists there. We found untouched, unspoiled and intact reefs with colours that other diving destinations only know from memories nowadays; fish was there in masses, but as it was not the season for the “big ones”, we had to stick with the smaller stuff. But to be able to dive with never more than 5 people and no other groups anywhere near was fantastic enough… anyone who has been diving with charter-boats in Egypt knows what I’m talking about!

We also visited Jeddah, the second-largest city in Saudi-Arabia, on our last day, and were impressed by the architecture and culture we found. The Corniche, a 60km long road along the coastline of the Red Sea, is filled with overwhelming buildings and art that you would only find in museums in other countries. And they also have a big water fountain which – with 80 meters in height – doubles our “famous” one in Geneva… very impressive indeed!

We also strolled through the Zouk, the old market in the old village, and found ourselves being strangers in a strange land… but there were no hostile feelings all around, but rather curiosity on both sides. The people we met were very friendly and helpful, and we finally left Saudi-Arabia with a big bag full of new impressions and different views of this country and its inhabitants.

Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens Of Saudi Arabia


Beautiful Soft-Corals




White-Tip Reef Shark


Grey Reef-Shark




Like An Aquarium




Roundabout-Art 1


Roundabout-Art 2


Roundabout-Art 3


The Zouk Entrance


Old Building With Full Moon


The Old Zouk

And from tomorrow on, this blog will be about music again! 🙂


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