MOTM Reloaded!

On September 15th, Blogger/Google deleted my Music Of The Moment-blog, out of the blue. I haven’t been given a reason any other than it was based on a “complaint”. I’ve posted my thoughts about it here.

This here will be my new home for the time being. If it’s where I will end up definitely, isn’t entirely clear, but for now, it will do. Over the next few weeks, I’ll reinstate my postings from the old blog, but I will kill many of the links that were in the posts (mainly in the Lazy Sunday Mix and Flashback Fridays). There will also be major works on the layout; I’m new to WordPress, so there’s lots to learn at first. Any help and suggestions are welcome!

It will be a fresh start, so the main thing is to get the word out about my new home. If you see anything on the net that’s linking to the old blog, please let me and the site-owner know. It will take some time before this blog will be up there where the old one was, but I think with your help I can do it.

I hope that WordPress will be a better home than Blogger; here’s to the future!

I will be on holiday now for a week; if this blog here should get deleted for whatever reason, please check Morten‘s, Peter‘s or Schallgrenzen-blog; I will let them know what’s going on.


6 responses to “MOTM Reloaded!

  1. Was disappointed when I saw you had been deleted. They’ve been doing that to a lot of good blogs lately I guess. Glad to see you’re back and good luck 🙂

  2. Hi, glad you’re back!!

  3. Good luck getting up and running here. What a sack-punch Google dealt you, out of nowhere! Cool that you’re taking it in stride.


  4. was curious where your blog had gone. ive been your loyal fan for years and it sucks that blogger did that to your old blog. so friggin stupid. anyhow, i’m glad now that i’ve found your new one. keep on rolling.



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