A Soundchecking Incident

After a longer break, Peter from Schallgrenzen has started a new Soundcheck, and I’ve also gave my opinion about Porcupine Tree‘s latest offering, The Incident. Read it at Peter‘s in German, or check out the – somewhat bumpy – english translation below:

I’m not really sure if I should write about The Incident yet. Because one thing you need to invest into the album is time (and that’s something missing right now…). After listening to The Incident twice, I still don’t know what to think of it. Musically, it’s as always top-notch, as all band-members blend together perfectly and show what they’re capable of. What I can’t figure out yet is where the whole story goes (The Incident is a 14-piece-concept-album), mainly because I can’t make out any cornerstones (except the turning-point Time Flies maybe…). Based on that fact, The Incident may seem a bit drab at first, but as an “experienced” Porcupine Tree-fan, you can already guess that there’s more below the surface. More listening sessions are definitely a must for this album to grow, but the first impression sure doesn’t disappoint either.

A word about the Limited Edition of The Incident: once you hold this high-quality, beautifully designed box in your hands, you’ll know what Steven Wilson means when he says that “music should again be worth something”. Editions like these are not simple packages for music, but timeless collectors pieces that you will happily pick out of your shelf again and again to look at, and even proudly present to friends and family. Seen from that point, I can only pity the “download-generation” that knows music only as data on a computer…



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