Last.FM And Such…

I was just crawling through Last.FM’s Free MP3-section, and noticed their year-tags for the 60s through the 90s. It’s obvious that a lot of stuff is just simply tagged wrong, but I’ve found the odd number that really belongs there. In the 70s category, I’ve discovered one of my favorite Oldies:

Still a cool song after all these years, don’t you think? A bit less cool (infact… downright stupid) is this one here from the 80’s section:

Here’s the proof that the 80s brought us some really crappy stuff indeed. And this here doesn’t make it better…:

I couldn’t really find anything decent in the 80s section; looks like the “big hits” are ashamed of being in the same category as these two crimes. Well, at least the 90’s had better stuff. Here’s one song from Marillion‘s masterpiece Brave:

Marillion – The Great Escape (MP3)

And I’ve just noticed that they also offer a free download from their latest album, Happiness Is The Road. Here it is:

Marillion – This Train Is My Life (MP3)

I bet there’s tons of more good stuff hidden in Last.FM‘s archive, but it just takes some time to find those gems inbetween all the rubbish that’s floating around there. If you’ve found anything worth listening to, let me know in the comments. And yeah, of course it should be available as a free download! 🙂

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