Lazy Library Post

I normally like to add my own thoughts about a song/album in my posts, but I just can’t find the time today. But instead of leaving you without anything, I’d rather post the press release for Brooklyn-based band The Library. Here goes:

Brooklyn’s The Library are a pop band (with former members of The Mayflies USA and The Comas) consisting of guitars, piano, bass, drums, and male vocals with the occasional fiddle, banjo, or electronics thrown into the mix that transcends the simplicity of its lineup with graceful little songs, a supple gauzy tone, and a perfectly languorous pacing that harkens back foremost to the early 90’s softer side of the shoegaze phenomenon. Some reference points can be drawn to bands from that time like Slowdive, Chapterhouse, and Mazzy Star, but The Library also has a timeless pop quality that borrows and reinterprets from the mid-60’s Mersey Beat bands through early 70’s solo Neil Young and a somewhat particular melancholy kinship with Big Star’s 1974 Sister Lovers album and on through to the mid to late 80’s dreamy minimalist psych of Galaxie 500. While the influence of English bands is undoubtedly present, there is a muscular American rootsy quality underlying what is in essence a soft, mostly downbeat, loose and dreamy pop band.

There’s really not much to add to this, so I recommend you grab these two songs here, and visit this site for the complete download of The Life And Times Of Rosa Lee.

The Library – TomKat (MP3)
The Library – The Life And Times Of Roas Lee (MP3)

Thanks once again to Ryan Benjamin for this!



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