Britney And The Tiger

People who know me also know that I don’t hate no one more in the music-business than that untalented, overrated, annoying (I could go on for hours…) Spears-bitch (and pardon my language, for that matter…). So I wasn’t too excited to learn about a Womanizer-cover from German band Timid Tiger. But I still have their wonderful pop-tune Miss Murray (hear it here) from 2004 in my ears, and so I gave it a shot. And indeed it does sound surprisingly good, although I haven’t ever heard the original. What I also didn’t know is that after their success with Miss Murray, Timid Tiger continued to make music and released a few EPs over the years (some still available, see links below), and has now finally been signed to Four Music.

So even if they’ve flewn under the radar for the last few years, it’s good to see that their perseverance finally paid off. Btw.: Timid Tiger will be touring with their new Danish labelmates Dúné this fall; check the homepage for details.

Timid Tiger – Womanizer (MP3)
Timid Tiger – Combat Songs & Traffic Fights (MP3)
Timid Tiger – House Of Love (MP3, highly recommended!)

The PMA.EP (ZIP-File, via

visit prettymuchamazing for a couple more songs.

P.S.: now if someone would set up a meeting with a real tiger and Britney, I’d be ever so thankful! 😉


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