Danish Quickies

Dream-Pop-Heroes Moi Caprice are currently in the studio working on some new songs as well as alternative versions of their hits. This all will go onto a singles collection which is set for a release later this year. According to the band’s latest MySpace-blog, the collection will contain fourteen singles, nine re-recordings and two new songs, all on a double CD. That sounds like a nice package, even for fans that already own every release from Moi Caprice (like me… 🙂 ).

Moi Caprice – Drama Queen (MP3)

Mew has a new video out for Introducing Palace Players, taken from their next album No More Stories… (which I still successfully avoided to download!). As expected it is as strange and beautifully weird as you would expect it, with snails riding laser-firing monoliths… need I say more? Check the video here.

Mew – Repeaterbeater (MP3, via Spinner)

Americana-influenced band Funky Nashville is now called Grand Fiction (probably changed their name a while ago, but I just found out). Anyway, the music still sounds very good to me. There are four songs from the forthcoming album on their homepage (find two of them below), as well as a couple of the older ones. Check them out!

Grand Fiction – Hollywood (MP3, highly recommended!!!)
Grand Fiction – You Got To Slow (MP3)
Funky Nashville – Hitch A Ride (MP3)
Funky Nashville – Mexican Stars (MP3)
more songs here.


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