Short And Painless…

Various stuff worth mentioning:

If blog-buddies Morten and Peter and myself all recommend one band, you definitely should not hesitate to grab the stuff! I won’t go into further details as everything’s already been written in English at Morten‘s or in German at Peter‘s blog. And now turn your heart into a boombox!

Probably a bit of old news, but in case you’ve missed the new remix of Young Love from Sweden’s Moto Boy, here’s another chance to get it!
Moto Boy – Young Love (Regina Remix) (MP3) (left-click)

and here’s a song by said Regina… fine Finnish electro-pop:
Regina – Katso Maisemaa (MP3)

Our Spanish friend J.A. recommends Arvid from fabulous Swedish label Wonderland Records and calls them “The Electric Kent“. Easy to see why once you’ve listened to their songs!
Arvid – I Dina Ögon (MP3)
Arvid – Hur Kunde Jag Läta Det Ske (MP3)

And to end this post, here’s a pretty cool tune by Awesome New Republic; Florida is taken from their latest EP Rational Geographic Vol. II. You can download this one and the Vol. I EP for free from here.
Awesome New Republic – Florida (MP3)


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