More Apologies…

And this one goes out to Ryan Benjamin… this guy keeps sending me good stuff for the blog, and I always missed to post anything of it. It’s definitely not with ill intent; but I kept all his mails, and now I’ll do a roundup of all the artists he has introduced me to during the last few weeks. Hope this will do just a slight bit of justice to his good job!

First up is US singer/songwriter Charlie Wadhams. If you’ve seen the “Walk The Line“-spoof-movie “Walk Hard – The Dewie Cox Story“, you have probably already heard from this guy. He has written a couple of songs for the movie, and if you’re into classic American pop-rock (think Johnny Cash and the likes), then you should definitely give Charlie a listen (and while you’re at it, check out the movie… it’s quite funny!!!). Here’s a song from his latest EP In A Goldmine; more infos via his official homepage.

Charlie Wadhams – Someone To Kiss (MP3)

Next is another singer called Nathan Oliver who has just released his latest album Cloud Animals. A bit of Americana, a bit of Folk-Pop and a spoonful of contemporary Indie make for a nice mixture and a good summer soundtrack. You can check out three songs below, and if you’ve got hooked, check Nathan’s homepage for more information.

Nathan Oliver – Icicles For Fingers (MP3)
Nathan Oliver – French Press (MP3)
Nathan Oliver – State Lines Pt. 3 (MP3)

Then Ryan also sent me some tourdates for Akron/Family for the USA along with an MP3. You can check the tour dates on the band’s homepage, and without further ado, here’s the River from the album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free.

Akron/Family – River (MP3)

Last but not least, US singer Kim Ware aka The Good Graces will release a new EP by the end of the summer. Guessing from the first song, Working Title, Bring On The Tambourines will fit perfectly into that time of year when days start getting shorter and those hot summer days are almost history again. There will be more recordings until the EP release, and I’m sure Ryan will let me know when something new is out. For now, here’s Working Title.
EP Website

The Good Graces – Working Title (MP3)

Again, sorry about the delays and no respondings to your mails, Ryan. Even if it sometimes doesn’t look like it, your work is highly apprechiated! Thanks!!!


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