Oh Yes…

Seems like this one-post-a-week-phase is going on for a bit… but at least you’ll know that I’m still here! 😀

Had some strange musical events this week… starting off on Monday: my cellphone alarm went off at 6.45 with Coldplay‘s Talk (have the alarm set on random with all the music I’ve got on it…). I turned off the phone, got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the radio in there. And what did I hear? Right… Coldplay‘s Talk. Spooky…

In the evening on the same day, I continued ripping my CD collection. The TV was running in the back, some news magazine was on. And just when I picked out all my Billy Joel CDs from the shelf, I’ve heard Piano Man coming out of the TV! The song was just then used as a background song… spooky again…

So the new Mew-album has popped up all over the net. And I’m definitely not going to download it. I will patiently wait for August 25th to arrive and then stick the CD into the stereo, grab myself a cool beer and really let myself sink into the music. Old-fashioned, you might think, but in my opionion, this is how it should be done. Just wish I had the time to do this with every new release… (but then, I’d probably be an alcoholic by now! 😀 ).

Here’s some girl-power for you:

Metric – Front Row (MP3)
The Donnas – Get Off (MP3, via Spinner.com)
Sally Shapiro – Miracle

…and two not-so-girly goodies:

The Black Heart Procession – Rats (MP3)
Choir Of Young Believers – Action/Reaction (MP3)

Will be spending the next few days up there in our lovely mountains. Look forward to get away from the everyday routine for a while… and who knows, maybe it’ll also give me that long awaited blog-boost!


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