Guess Who…?

Yeah, well… what can I say? You probably figured out for yourselves that things here still go very slow. And I won’t bore you with all the reasons why it is like it is. Good news, if you could call it that, is that blogger hasn’t deleted any more posts in the meantime, so at least it’s also quiet on that front.

Otherwise, I’m still busy with the CD-ripping-project. The track count is now close to 15’000 songs (about 120GB worth of music), and although it’s a very time-consuming work, it’s quite fun to re-discover some of that stuff I haven’t been listening to in ages (well, not-so-funny this morning when it poured down outside and Garbage was singing about how they’re only happy when it rains…). If you happened to stalk around my Last.FM-profile lately (don’t know if anyone even does this actually…), you might have noticed some odd artists there. I sure wonder what impact this will have on my profile… concerning recommendations, not too much has changed so far.

The downside to all this dwelling in the past is that I hardly haven’t listened to anything new recently. I’m still ordering new CDs (Dream Theater, Kings Of Leon, Placebo, Moby, Phoenix and Riverside being the latest additions), and download the stuff from my fellow bloggers, but it will take some time before I’ll get myself into the blog-about-it-groove again. But there’s one project I’d like to recommend to you today that really deserves some promotion:

famous Scandinavian blog Eardrums has started a new project called Handshake. If you’re familiar with Eardrums, you already know their great indie-pop-compilations (if not, check them here). For the next compilation, Eardrums is taking things a step further and invites all of you out there to participate. Right, you don’t have to be a musician to participate; you can help by sending photographs, illustrations, poems, writings… whatever you can think of. All you have to know is up now on the Eardrums Pop Site. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and do your share… and don’t forget to spread the word on blogs, twitters, facebooks and whatever you can think of (of course non-electrical promotion is allowed, too… if anyone out there still knows how that works! 🙂 ).

So here’s a couple of summer-songs you might or might not already know…

Stars In Coma – 87
Viola – Shimmery Summery (MP3)
The Glass – I Wanna Be Dancing (Radio Edit) (MP3, via XLR8R)
The Cavalcade – Meet You In The Rain (MP3)

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