This ‘N That

Thought I’d let you know that I’m still around. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for anyone. I guess I don’t have to get in any deeper on news about Michael Jackson‘s death. Sad story really… during my ongoing CD-ripping-process, I just came across Thriller this week and was again reminded what a fine album it still is. Well, MJ certainly wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea, but as an 80s-child, I grew up with his music during his most popular era. And despite all the strange and not seldom outrageous stories surrounding him during the last years, I always saw him as a talented artist. He has definitely written music-history, and I guess his legacy will live on forever. RIP, Michael.

Here’s what other bloggers wrote:

Innersounds has posted a remix of Rock With You
Dreamtime offers his own Mix of Dirty Diana
Last Second Thoughts posted a live-video of Billie Jean

OK, on to more positive news now: you probably already know that Mew will release a new EP next Tuesday, and a full album will follow on August 25th (it’s gonna be a great birthday present for me! 🙂 ). Now Spinner has uploaded the first single taken from the EP. It’s short and cool and makes waiting for the album even more harder. Get Repeaterbeater here!


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