Blogger Strikes Again…

It’s nothing new that Blogger deletes posts without asking the owner, but until now, you at least knew that they did when you got their standard-DRM-blahblah-mail. But yesterday, when I wanted to reply to a comment from an older post, I found out that the post was no longer there! Just gone! No warning, no statement, no nothing! I had posted a Youtube-video and two free available songs in that post, nothing more. You can imagine that I’m really pissed about that… but according to this article from Rolling Stone Magazine, it’s how Blogger’s Web-Sheriff acts these days.

Since I always back up my posts, it was easy for me to re-upp any deleted posts (and remove all MP3-Links on it… even free ones…) until now, but I don’t know how I could do that when I don’t know anymore what has been deleted. So I’m just left with the odd feeling that older blog-posts may disappear completely without me even noticing, and that really is pissing me off since I put quite a lot of time into this blog. Writing and compiling blog-posts for hours with the knowledge that it might not even last a day once it’s posted just isn’t something I like to do… and looking at other blogs that only post full copyrighted albums without even a snippet of text and regardless of that not getting deleted doesn’t help either!

So what now? Switching to another host? Maybe the best solution… but probably the most time-consuming one. Not to speak of having to start all over again with layouts, links and getting the word around again. Stop blogging? I’ve had my times when I thought about that… but it was always because of time-issues or lack of interesting content, and never because I got tired of it. Really, I’m in two minds right now; I’m just wondering where all this will lead. A lot of artists – mostly the “small” ones – have long ago recognized the power and importance of getting their music out there with the help of bloggers, but it looks like Blogger, Google and the big Music-Multis just don’t want that to happen anymore. I could go on and on about this, but I really don’t see a solution as long as things like this keep happening. I guess the best thing to do right now is get myself a cup of coffee and calm down again… and hope that a good way to continue blogging will come along somehow. Leave your comments, please… anything might help!


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