News From The Shelf

Whenever a mail from Shelflife Records lands in my mailbox, I know it contains something good. Yesterday was no exception.

First of all, Thieves Like Us have a new 4-track-EP out, and as always, the title track is available as a free download. And what a great song it is; lots of 80s in there. Find more information on the new EP and how to get it here.

Thieves Like Us – Really Like To See You Again (MP3)

Even better than that is the news that Shelflife has signed Florida-based band Horse Shoes and will be releasing their debut EP soon. If you’re familiar with Shelflife artists, you probably also know Swedish band Days, and you could say that Horse Shoes is their American equivalent. Beautiful and catchy indiepop-songs is what we’ll get, and I’m already looking forward to the 8-track-EP (it will be released as part of that famous Shelflife-1000-series!); estimated release will be in late summer. Here’s a taster from the EP (probably the title track), and you can hear more of these glorious sounds on the band’s myspace.

Horse Shoes – The Imperial School (MP3)

Last but not least, there’s a new Shelflife Sampler out for those who still are unfamiliar with the great artist roster. 18 tracks are on it, some old and some new ones, and I urge you to get it. You will definitely find something that you’ll like, I promise! And really: who doesn’t like free stuff? Even more so when it’s of such high quality? What are you waiting for? Click the link… NOW!

Shelflife Sampler 2009 (ZIP-File, 80 MB)

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Horse Shoes – The Imperial School (from LIFE1008: “The Imperial School”)

2. Days – Downhill (from LIFE1003: “Downhill”)

3. Socialist Leisure Party – Head In The Hay (demo version)

4. Burning Hearts – I Lost My Colour Vision (from LIFE057: “Aboa Sleeping”)

5. Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (from LIFE1006: “Paris And I”)

6. The Ruling Class – Flowers (from LIFE1005: “Tour de Force”)

7. Dub Noir – The Careerist (demo version)

8. Laura Watling – You Never Came (from LIFE059: “Songs From Dreams”)

9. Days – Simple Thing (from LIFE1003: “Downhill”)

10. Kuryakin – Take My Hand (from LIFE1004 “Still Here”)

11. Burning Hearts – Various Lives (from LIFE057: “Aboa Sleeping”)

12. Thieves Like Us – To Joy (from LIFE061: “Really Like To See You Again”)

13. Evening Lights – Don’t Turn the Light Out (from LIFE062: “The Disappointment”)

14. Free Loan Investments – Kick His Balls Out (from LIFE044 “Ever Been To Mexico”)

15. Warm Morning – Silver Rain (from LIFE1001: “Silver Rain”)

16. Language Of Flowers – Leaving (from LIFE051: “Songs About You”)

17. A Smile And a Ribbon – Book Cover (from LIFE1002: “The Boy I Wish I Never Met”)

18. Thieves Like Us – Sugar And Song (from LIFE058: “Play Music”)


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