More Degrees

Once again, the busy bees from Sweden’s Degrees (wow, a rhyme!) have come up with new material. Their latest, 9-track-EP is now available on Amazon, and will pop up on all the other well-known download-portals over the next few days/weeks. All the songs are also already streaming on the band’s Last.FM (including The Heat as a free download… link below).

For an actual physical copy of the album, you can reach the band on degreesmusic (at) and work something out with them. Still, you can download a complete B-Sides-set for free from the official homepage, and also a couple more tracks on Last.FM. And if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, check my previous posts here and here!
Tracklist EP 2009:

01. The Heat. (MP3)
02. Move On.
03. I Was The Boy To Guide You.
04. In Your Face.
05. Electricity/Don’t Lose Me.
06. Concious, Vicious.
07. Act Strong and Bring it On!
08. 21 I Thought I Was Someone.
09. Konichiwa Jiendo.


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