Soundchecking Dredg

On the latest Schallgrenzen-Soundcheck, Dredg‘s new album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion was up for reviews. Here are my thoughts:

One thing before I start: all those fans eagerly expecting a new Leitmotif can now turn away and keep their “Mainstream and Commercialization”-Boo-Hoos for themselves. Because since Catch Without Arms everyone should have figured out that Dredg is more than just an experimental ArtProg-Band for Brainiacs. PPD is a perfect symbiosis of Dredg‘s former works. True, the songs are partly very Pop-influenced, but those sly foxes wrap up their sounds so skillful that you just can’t categorize them as your average popsong-fare. I mean… what other band manages to deliver a song like Mourning This Mourning with its slow beat and 70ies-Glam-Disco-Strings (I’m reminded of Fly Robin Fly every time!) so effortlessly cool and laid-back? And Information – labeled by many critics as their weakest song yet – is in my ears just a grand hymn to bow down before. I really can’t find anything bad on PPD; the album has a great flow which is not at least thanks to those short and well-crafted intermezzos; no fillers, but a perfect addition.

I assume that this album will keep on turning here for a good few months to come, and a spot in the year-end-Top-10 is almost already written in stone. To bring this baby home: with all due respect to Leitmotif and El Cielo, but Dredg are simply more than that. And that is definitely a good thing!


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