Soundcheck For Plague Lovers

On the latest Schallgrenzen-Soundcheck, we talk about the Manic Street Preachers‘ latest outing, Journal For Plague Lovers. Here’s what I have to say about it:

The artwork already gives away where the latest Manics-offering will take us… right, back to the Holy Bible. And after a first listening session I indeed felt taken back to 1994. Journal For Plague Lovers is a diamond in the rough at first – similar to the Bible -, but once you’ve listened to it for a few more times, it also offers the melodic strength that brought the Manics to a wider audience after the disappearance of Richey Edwards. An album for all fans, then? Well, yes… as long as you invest some time. Not all of the songs are immediately memorable, a throughout theme is hardly present, and some songs do sound alike a bit. Nonetheless, every Manics-fan will be able to pick one or the other new favourite after a few spins.
If nothing else, Journal For Plague Lovers is also a tribute to Richey Edwards (all lyrics used were written by him), and seen from that rather sad backstory, it is good to see and hear that those famous Welshmen still know how to rock!

Journal For Plague Lovers is also availabe as a beautiful Limited Edition with a nice hardcover-booklet and an additional CD with demos of the new songs. Also, the songs have recently been remixed by various artists (click here for the full list), and that EP will be downloadable from June 15th. More infos on the official homepage.

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