Mixed Bag

Just blogging along today… and if there’s anything interesting around, you’ll find it here!

Here’s one for the movie-fans amongst you: film-mag Empire has hidden 50 movie titles in this canvas here:
Some are quite easy to spot, others you won’t find that easily. Let me know in the comments if you need help!

Indie-label Shelflife has released another part of their 1000-series. That means great music, a CD and a 7inch-Vinyl, all wrapped in great artwork. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll also get the complete EP as a high-quality download? Now that’s what I call service! The latest release is of the Socialist Leisure Party, and here’s a little taster. Check out all the information about the 1000-Series here.


Socialist Leisure Party – Head In The Hay (MP3)

Back in January 2006, I first mentioned Leeds-band Vib Gyor on this blog (read here and here). I was longing and hoping for an album back then, and now, over three years later, it has finally been released! We Are Not An Island is already available on iTunes, and a limited CD edition for old farts like me is up for Pre-order on the official homepage. I’ve already took a sneak-peek and must admit that it turned out quite good. I’ve uploaded one of their older songs not included on the album (hope that’s ok with the band), and I can only recommend that you spend some time with those talented lads! Album of the year? Could well be…


Vib Gyor – Always Alone (MP3)

Here’s a new one from The Radio Dept., once again offered by generous lable Labrador. Full EP out on June 24th.

The Radio Dept – David (MP3)

Looks like there’s someone who takes even longer to get a new album out than Vib Gyor… 🙂

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